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Gulfport Police Equip Patrol Cars with Defibrillators

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The Gulfport Police Department bought 17 of the heart care units, enough for each car and one spare.

GULFPORT – Police Chief Rob Vincent announced last week that, in furtherance of the mission to protect and preserve lives, all patrol vehicles have been outfitted with new automated external defibrillators. The new devices are the Powerheart G3 AED’s, manufactured by Cardiac Science. These particular AED’s were selected based on their simplicity of operation and the reliable service reputation of the vendor.

No tax money was used for this purchase. The agency bought 17 units with $18,530 of funds from contraband forfeitures, enough for all patrol and detectives’ vehicles as well as one spare.

Officers completed training Friday (June 26), and each vehicle has a device carried in the trunk ready for immediate use. The defibrillators perform routine self-checks for operational readiness, and will alert users if there is a problem that must be corrected. Each unit has a battery with a guaranteed life of at least four years. These Cardiac Science units replace outdated devices that have been in use for more than 12 years for which replacement accessories were no longer available.For information, see

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