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New Fire Chief Takes Over in Clearwater

Scott Ehlers | Clearwater Fire and Rescue | Clearwater Fire Chief

Scott Ehlers took over Friday (Oct. 14) from fire Chief Robert Weiss, who retired.

CLEARWATER – Scott Ehlers is this city’s new fire chief.

Clearwater City Manager Bill Horne announced Friday (Oct. 14) that Ehlers will replace retiring fire Chief Robert Weiss. Ehlers, who has more than 35 years experience in fire service, has served as the city’s emergency manager since March 2014. Before that, he served as Tampa Fire and Rescue’s assistant chief of operations.

Ehlers is a certified firefighter, paramedic, executive fire officer and chief fire officer. He earned a bachelor’s of science degree from the University of South Florida with minors in fire science/emergency medical services and has taken several continuing education courses in emergency management.

“I am excited about selecting Scott Ehlers as the new Clearwater fire and rescue chief. He will bring a strong familiarity with the fire department’s strength and weaknesses and strong relationships within the Clearwater staff,” Horne said. “He will be well received by the fire department employees and union officials. He will give us a great opportunity to build and maintain positive images of our fire service employees in the community.”

Ehlers’ took over Friday from Weiss. Clearwater Fire and Rescue has eight fire stations with 173 line personnel and approximately 30 support staff. The department has an Insurance Services Office public protection classification of one. which is the highest level of classification a department can achieve, and is a Center for Public Safety Excellence Nationally Accredited Agency.

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Clearwater Fire and Rescue | Scott Ehlers | Bill Horne | Robert Weiss | TB Reporter

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New Fire Chief Takes Over in Clearwater
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New Fire Chief Takes Over in Clearwater
Scott Ehlers took over Friday (Oct. 14) from fire Chief Robert Weiss, who retired.
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