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Parking Changes Go into Effect in Dunedin

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The new plan adds more free parking.

DUNEDIN – Effective today (Feb.13), changes to the current Downtown Pilot Parking Plan and will offer more free parking to residents and visitors.

This ordinance change was approved by the City Commission at its  Feb. 2 meeting. The downtown parking plan is a one-year pilot program that was implemented in October 2016 to offset the current costs of leased lots that the city pays for and to raise funds for a potential parking garage in the future. Necessary changes are being made in response to public comment, data collected from SP+ Parking Management Co. and through observance of parking needs/trends during the first quarter of the pilot program.

The updated parking management plan is referred to as the Downtown Dunedin Parking Plan Version 2.0 and the list of changes are as follows:

• Free parking added on the east and west end of Main Street weekdays until 6 p.m.
• Time limits are no longer in effect, park for any length of time that is needed.
• $1.50 an hour rate is applicable during enforced times.
• Employee three-month passes are available for $45.
• Free parking lots remain free seven days a week at Dunedin Station Square Lot (Douglas Ave/Scotland Street) and the Edgewater Drive Lot (715 Edgewater Drive between Main and Scotland streets)
• Change from several zones to one Parkmobile parking zone number: 23010

Currently, Dunedin leases several lots in the downtown and has the potential to lose many more parking spaces that are privately owned. The plan is being implemented to help the parking flow in the high demand areas and to create turnover. The parking fees are in place to help fund adequate public parking supply now and in the future.

Residents are encouraged to sign-up for a 20 percent discount for parking via the website or in person at the Planning Development Building, 737 Louden Ave. Additionally, the Parkmobile App is available for free on mobile devices and users can set up an account to pay for parking by phone. All parking updates, maps and general parking information can be found at

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Parking Changes Go into Effect in Dunedin
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Parking Changes Go into Effect in Dunedin
The new plan adds more free parking.
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