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Design Options for Clearwater’s North Marina Area on the Agenda

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Stantec, a Tampa design firm, is scheduled to present design options for the North Marina area master plan on Tuesday (Oct. 20).

CLEARWATER – The city of Clearwater planning and development department will host its final meeting for the North Marina Area Master Plan on Tuesday (Oct. 20).  Stantec, a Tampa consulting firm hired by the city, will share its design options for the area based on conversations and interactive meetings with the community during the past few months.

The meeting will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday (Oct. 20) at the North Greenwood Recreation Center, 900 N Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. Refreshments will be provided.

In this public meeting, the Stantec team will present its design options using the comments and suggestions made by the community members at the two previous public meetings, from meeting with city staff and online discussions with participants. At the first two meetings, community members participated in design exercises, including a design charrette, and presented their ideas to the larger group.

The North Marina Area Master Plan study area covers 64 acres and is bordered by Clearwater Harbor to the west, Pinellas Trail to the east, Cedar Street to the north and Eldridge Street to the south. The study area is just north of downtown Clearwater and includes the Seminole Boat Launch, the Francis Wilson Playhouse and North Ward Elementary School.

The North Marina Area Master Plan study area was recommended for redevelopment under last year’s Urban Land Institute study. The Urban Land Institute, a Washington, D.C. nonprofit, brought a panel of experts who spent five days in downtown Clearwater, meeting with nearly 100 stakeholders and producing dozens of suggestions to help implement a plan to redevelop Clearwater’s downtown.

To take part, sign up for online discussions at The site has a survey, and staff has updated the site with questions throughout the project to engage the community. To learn more about the project, go to For information, contact city planner Katie See at (727) 562-4557 or

Aerial view of the North Marina area courtesy of the city of Clearwater.

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