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Clearwater Seeks Funds to Beautify Medians

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 Clearwater will apply for grants to upgrade medians along one of the city’s main routes – Missouri Avenue.

CLEARWATER – In ongoing efforts to keep Clearwater beautiful and environmentally friendly, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department gained City Council approval, Thursday (Aug. 20) to apply for beautification grants to upgrade of one of the main thoroughfares.

If approved, 11 medians will be upgraded along Missouri Avenue from Court Street to Belleair Road, a benefit not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to improve the environment.

“We are hoping to be a top contender when the Florida Highway Beautification Council convenes,” said Felicia Donnelly, parks department administrative manager. “It would be a valuable improvement for the residents and commuters in the community.”

The city chose the area to receive the potential funding because the redesign would beautify, decrease the amount of storm water runoff, and decrease the amount of urban heat created by the multilane highway. It is one of the most heavily trafficked areas in Clearwater.

“The redesign would also incorporate the nine University of Florida’s principles of Florida-friendly landscaping,” Donnelly. said. Among those are water conservation, proper fertilization and waste reduction.

The application deadline is Sept. 1. Notification to the grant awardees is anticipated this fall.

For information on the city of Clearwater’s beautification projects, call (727) 562-4554 or see

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