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Clearwater to Beautify Medians on Missouri

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The makeover is scheduled to begin in January and take about two months to complete.

CLEARWATER – As part of this city’s commitment to keeping Clearwater bright and beautiful from bay to beach, council members awarded Smith Landscape Services a contract to upgrade one of the city’s main thoroughfares.

The $300,000 project will upgrade 12 medians along Missouri Avenue, from Court Street to Bayview Drive. Most of this project is funded by a beautification grant from the Florida Department of Transportation.

The makeover includes installing water meters for each of the 12 grassed medians, palms, ground cover, mulch and an irrigation system. The city selected the area because the redesign would beautify the area, decrease the amount of stormwater runoff and decrease the amount of urban heat created by the multi-lane highway. It’s one of the most heavily trafficked areas in Clearwater.

Work on the beautification project is expected to begin in early January and should take about 60 days to complete.

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