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Pasco Adopts New Logo, Tagline

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“Open Spaces, Vibrant Places” is the tagline that will be used to promote Pasco County.

PASCO COUNTY – The Pasco County Commission formally adopted a new branding initiative last month during a meeting in Dade City.

The logo and message “Open Spaces, Vibrant Places” will promote a unified appearance and consistent theme on all efforts to market and brand the county. The branding and marketing initiative fulfills key goals in the commission’s strategic plan and was completed through a cooperative effort of the Office of Economic Growth, the Public Information Office, the Office of Tourism Development and the Pasco Economic Development Council. The group test marketed the branding effort and sought input groups like the Pasco Chambers of Commerce.

“This will be part of Pasco County’s branding and marketing efforts for years to come,” said Melanie Kendrick, Acting Program Administrator for Pasco County’s Office of Economic Growth. “The committee worked extremely hard on this project for more than a year and we believe we have developed a logo and message that can provide a symbol to identify, brand, promote and market Pasco County.”

Doug Tobin, public information officer, said, “In order to help develop a sense of community, our goal is to identify and promote key locations within Pasco County that can be labeled as an ‘Open Space’ or ‘Vibrant Place.’ We plan to start by replacing the current County Seal with the new and exciting logo. You will start seeing the logo on everything from emails to county vehicles in the near future.”

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