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Largo Officials: Can We Talk?

Largo | Community Conversations | Largo Commission

Largo has scheduled four “community conversations” to give residents a chance to talk about their hopes and dreams for Largo’s future.

LARGO – This city has planned a series of community conversations to help Largo leaders better understand the type of city residents want to live in.

The time will be focused on listening to residents. Each 90-minute conversation is a chance to hear the community’s aspirations for Largo and what residents believe might shape its future. This is not a typical Town Hall meeting or a focus group, but rather a set of small group roundtable conversations with a city representative facilitator and note taker. There are currently four scheduled open invitation community conversations for residents to participate:

  • Noon Feb. 26 – Largo Library, 120 Central Park Drive
  • 6 p.m. March 3 – Largo Community Center, 400 Alt. Keene Road
  • 6 p.m. March 9 – Largo Community Center, 400 Alt. Keene Road
  • 8: 30 a.m. March 11 – Largo City Hall, 201 Highland Ave.

The city will also be inviting a variety of community organizations to participate in conversations. Once the series of discussions is concluded, there will be a follow up with participants to share what was heard and how the input will be used. Results will also be shared with the Largo City Commission at a future work session.

Largo residents who would like to participate should call (727) 587-7769 or go to

Largo | Community Conversations | Largo City Commission | TB Reporter

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