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Kenneth City Police Start Bike Patrol

Kenneth City | Kenneth City Police | Kenneth City Bike Patrol

The Kenneth City Police Department has assigned an officer to patrol on a bicycle. It’s the first of several new community policing initiatives for the department.

KENNETH CITY – The police department in this town has started a bike patrol for business and residential areas. The pr0gram, which began Tuesday (July 14), is the first of several new endeavors designed to re-invigorate the town’s community policing program. Other upcoming programs include “Coffee with a Cop” and the establishment of Neighborhood Watch groups. The ultimate goal, town officials say, is to foster additional partnerships with residents and businesses.

The town’s first community policing officer is Brittany Berg, who completed the International Mountain Bike Association course in Orlando. Berg will not only patrol Kenneth City residential and business areas but will also work in crime prevention and as a public safety resource.

Berg can be reached at the Kenneth City Police Department, 4600 58th St. N, or (727) 498-8942, or at bergb@kennethcityfl org. For information, see

Photo of community policing Officer Brittany Berg courtesy of the town of Kenneth City.

Kenneth City | Kenneth City Police | Community Policing | Bicycle Patrol

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