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Water, Fire Improvements Coming to Palm River Area

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The $14-million project will extend Hillsborough County water service to about 760 homes and 150 fire hydrants.

PALM RIVER – Residents and businesses in this community will soon have access to a reliable supply of high-quality drinking water and improved fire protection.

The Palm River drinking water project, kicking off this summer, will extend Hillsborough County water service to about 760 homes and add about 150 fire hydrants over the next two years.

“When I took office, I promised to make clean water for Palm River a priority,” Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners Chairman Lesley “Les” Miller, Jr., said. “Now, that promise is being delivered. And the county is able to do it in a way that minimizes expenses for homeowners, thanks to county and state funding. I want to thank the residents of Palm River for their patience.”

The fees to connect individual residential properties to the more than 14 miles of new pipes will be funded through state grants. Once connected, customers will be responsible for their monthly water bills. A typical Hillsborough County water bill for a family of four using 6,000 gallons is about $35 per month.

The $14 million project was unanimously approved by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners this fall as part of the $1.4 billion countywide capital improvement budget. Construction in the neighborhoods north of Causeway Boulevard is scheduled to start in mid-2016, with water service connections beginning in 2017. Pipeline construction south of Causeway Boulevard is anticipated to begin after the north section is finished.

Hillsborough County will work closely with the Palm River community as the project progresses from design through construction. Detailed information about the project construction and connections will also be provided to property owners in the project zone as pipe routes are finalized.

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