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Free Chemical, Electronics Collection in Seminole on Saturday

Pinellas County | Pinellas News | Solid Waste

Pinellas County solid waste has scheduled the event.

SEMINOLE – Pinellas County residents can safely dispose of unwanted electronics and chemicals at the next free household mobile collection, scheduled for 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Saturday (Feb. 21)  at the Home Depot, 10550 Park Blvd. At the collections offered by Pinellas County solid waste, residents can drop off electronics such as cellphones, computers, tablets and TVs. Chemical items accepted include automotive fluids, rechargeable batteries, fuel, paint and fluorescent bulbs along with other mercury containing devices. For everyone’s safety, participants must be in a vehicle. Residents should not mix chemicals together or place them in dark plastic bags and should keep products in original, labeled containers if possible. Individual batteries should be placed in separate plastic bags or have terminals covered with heavy tape to prevent short-circuits.  Items that will not be accepted include air conditioning units and other large appliances, CD/DVD players, radioactive, biological or infectious waste, fire extinguishers, tires and propane tanks.  For  information on mobile collections including a full list of accepted items, instructions on how to transport chemicals and future dates,  see

Pinellas County | Pinellas News | Seminole

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