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Council of North County Neighborhoods to Discuss Priorities

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Monday’s (Feb. 16) meeting will showcase updates to public projects, new board members and plans for the coming year.

EAST LAKE – The Council of North County Neighborhoods plans to kick off 2015 with a bang. Meet newly elected board members from new member communities like Highland Lakes, Kylemont, East Lake Woodlands and Tarpon Woods; hear proposed plans for the new year; and participate in a public presentation on recent and current public projects that CNCN is involved in. The public projects segment will highlight recently completed and currently in flight key projects in the North County area, review Pinellas County’s plan for key improvements in the area and get input on any other key identified needs for the area. Participate in a discussion on CNCN priorities for the new year and hear about currently working member requests and upcoming meeting content for the rest of 2015. This is your opportunity to provide input into CNCN’s priorities. Monday’s meeting will be from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at East Lake Methodist Church, 2801 East Lake Road.

CNCN is a nonprofit (501c4) organization formed to bring together the North County’s neighborhoods to promote communication and cooperation between member organizations of northern Pinellas County, to foster a sense of community, to provide a forum for member organizations, and most importantly, to act as a neighborhood advocate for the benefit of our member organizations and to bring a common voice to county and state government including and not limited to the Pinellas County Commission and our state legislators. For information,

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