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Clearwater Cops, Code Officers Help Elderly Woman

Police, code officers and others banded together Thursday (Feb. 25) to spruce up the home of a 93 year old.

CLEARWATER – Marguerite Chauncey, 93, first came to the attention of Clearwater Police detectives four years ago when she was the victim of a violent home invasion.

She was knocked to the floor by a man who was doing work for her at her house. He then stole money from her. As detectives worked the case and followed up with an arrest, they formed a bond with her and drove her to and from hearings at the courthouse. Tommy Mitchell pleaded guilty to the home invasion. He is serving a 15-year sentence, police said.

Several months ago, Chauncey came to the attention of code compliance when she received a notice for a violation related to the condition of the paint on her house.

Vicki Fletcher, code compliance inspector for the city of Clearwater, began speaking with Chauncey, who said she didn’t know what to do and had no help or means to paint her own house. Then Chauncey mentioned the name of Clearwater Police Sgt. Tim Downes, who had worked with her on the home invasion case. Fletcher and Downes began talking, and the idea to paint Chauncey’s house was born. Thursday (Feb. 25), the work was done by several code compliance staff members and police detectives. Solid waste workers also came to lend a hand as well, and the paint was donated by Sourini Painting of Clearwater.

Clearwater Cops | Clearwater Code | Marguerite Chauncey   Code compliance workers even gave her a new cane, and the Tampa Bay Rays sent a gift package to her.

“I first got to know Miss Chauncey four years ago when she was the victim of that violent home invasion,” Downes said. “We were able to help her then, and now we’re going to help her again. She’s a sweet, wonderful woman.”

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Photos courtesy of the Clearwater Police Department.

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Clearwater Cops, Code Officers Help Elderly Woman
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Clearwater Cops, Code Officers Help Elderly Woman
Clearwater police, code officers and others teamed up Thursday (Feb. 25) to help an elderly woman whose home needed repair and work.
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TB Reporter
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