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Holiday Best from TB Reporter to You . . .

By TB Reporter Staff

May all of our friends enjoy this magical time of year in whatever Florida style they choose.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the water,
Not a creature was stirring, not even Sir Otter.
The dour old gent in the red hat ‘n’ coat
Silently poled his creaky old boat.
To his saurian couple he bade them “Move on!”
To the next cozy stilt-house “before it is dawn.”
“Now Snouty, now Toothsome, I know you can’t fly
But please paddle crisply, I know y’all can try.”
“If we make all our rounds in this wet, eerie swamp
I will give you key limes and some catfish to chomp.”
The two gators smiled as gators can do
And cut ‘cross the stream like a varsity crew.
And listen, they roar as they splash ‘round the bend,
“We will eat fish and fruit, but not ever our friends.”

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