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St. Pete Raises Water, Sewer Rates

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The new rates go into effect Monday (Jan. 1).

ST. PETERSBURG – Expect to see higher water and sewer bills starting Monday (Jan. 1).

St. Petersburg has adjusted the rate structure for its utility customers because of expected increases in water and sewer costs and to help pay for repairs and upgrades to the city’s system.

“Our residents have been able to take advantage of 100 years of infrastructure development,” said Water Resources Interim Director John Palenchar, whose department has been in the midst of most of the work. “It’s now time to re-invest in that infrastructure and pay it forward for future generations.”

Public Works Administrator Claude Tankersley said, “Over the past year, some $70 million dollars in repairs and resiliency-building work has taken place in our city’s sewage system.”

He added, “Our rate-payers have been very understanding that the costs associated with thoseimprovements are our responsibility.”

Tankersley said that the work is not done. The city has earmarked more than $250 million for future water and sewer projects over the next three years.

“Additionally,” he said, “we are looking to create a master-plan where we look at our use of all water. We are all invested in this.”

A complete listing of charges are available at

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St. Pete Raises Water, Sewer Rates
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St. Pete Raises Water, Sewer Rates
The new rates go into effect Monday (Jan. 1).
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