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Largo Commissioners Complete Leadership Class

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The Institute for Elected Municipal Officials III: The Leadership Challenge is sponsored by the Florida League of Cities.

LARGO – Commissioners John Carroll, Donna Holck, and Jamie Robinson have graduated from the Institute for Elected Municipal Officials III: The Leadership Challenge, which is sponsored by the Florida League of Cities.

Commissioner Curtis Holmes is also an IEMO III graduate having completed the class in 2015. Developed in 2013, this program is a continuation of the IEMO, which was created s a way to educate newly elected officials on the intricacies of municipal government in a cost-effective manner. A second level was created in 1994 as the Advanced Institute. The IEMO III leadership-based course is now offered annually by the League’s training division, FLC University.

Open to graduates of the IEMO and Advanced Institute, this program revolves around an assessment that details participants’ ability to connect and work effectively with others. Class

participants take an assessment ahead of the class to assess their skill sets. Over the course of the weekend, attendees learn their scores interpret the characteristics of each component and learn how to apply this information through case studies. Facilitated by FLC director of leadership development and education Scott Paine, Ph.D., the two-day class also features a keynote dinner speaker on leadership.

In this collaborative environment where challenges and best practices are shared, new IEMO III graduates have access to new tools for addressing leadership challenges and solutions to local problems.

Donna Holck | Largo Commission | Government
Donna Holck
Jamie Robinson | Largo Commission | Government
Jamie Robinson
John Carroll | Largo Commission | City Government
John Carroll

“I commend these officials for completing IEMO III. Leadership is a skill that can always be built upon and improved,” Boca Raton Mayor and FLC President Susan Haynie said. “The League is very proud of this program offered through the FLC University. Florida’s cities are fortunate to have dedicated, committed officials who continue their learning through programs like the IEMO courses. I encourage each of these new graduates to share their knowledge and expertise with their municipal colleagues, as well as their citizens.”

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