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Tampa Bay Area Public Schools Closed Today

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Public schools in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando counties will remain closed today because of Hurricane Hermine.

TAMPA BAY – Public schools across the Tampa Bay area have announced they will remain closed today (Sept. 2) because of the effects of Hurricane Hermine.

“The district is concerned about the high potential for flooding and road closures, hazardous conditions for students and staff and the potential for tornadoes during and after the storm passes,” the Hillsborough County School District said.

Pasco school Superintendent Kurt Browning said, “I ask everyone to take precautions and not to put their lives at risk by venturing out during the hurricane.”

The closure in Pasco includes the PLACE childcare program.

It is unclear if sporting events will be held.

Pasco and Hernando made no announcements about athletic events. Pinellas said decisions about athletic events will be made today. Hillsborough said it plans to conduct athletic events as usual, but will assess field conditions on a school by school basis.  Team coaches will contact players directly with any updated game information.

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