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23 Pinellas Schools Improve Their Grades

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Three Transformation Zone schools improved by two letter grades.

PINELLAS COUNTY – A total of 23 Pinellas County schools saw improvements in school grades according to information released by the Florida Department of Education.

“Our commitment to academic rigor and quality instruction is reflected in the significant improvement in letter grades throughout the district,” said Michael A. Grego, superintendent. “The most important elements to school success are strong leadership and dedicated teachers. We will continue to build on our success and learn from our challenges until all schools in Pinellas earn an A or B.”



School grade improvement highlights:

  • The number of schools with a grade of A or B increased from 43 to 51.
    • Seven schools improved to an A:
      • Anona Elementary, Bear Creek Elementary, Curlew Creek Elementary, Safety Harbor Elementary, Starkey Elementary, Sunset Hills Elementary and East Lake High
    • Eleven schools improved to a B:
      • Belcher Elementary, Frontier Elementary, Garrison Jones Elementary, High Point Elementary, Northeast High, Plumb Elementary, Ridgecrest Elementary, Sawgrass Lake Elementary, Skyview Elementary,Tarpon Springs Elementary, and Tarpon Springs Middle
    •  Five schools improved to a C:
      • Gibbs High, Gulfport Elementary, John Hopkins Middle, Melrose Elementary and Campbell Park Elementary
  • Four schools improved by two letter grades, including three Transformation Zone schools:
    • Bear Creek Elementary improved from a C to an A.
    • Transformation Zone Schools: High Point Elementary (D to a B), Campbell Park Elementary (F to a C) and Melrose Elementary (F to a C).
  • The number of D and F schools in Pinellas continues to decrease. Nine schools fell in the D and F range this year, a decrease from 11 in 2016 and 17 in 2015.

To view the complete results for Pinellas County Schools from the Florida Department of Education, go to Pinellas County School Grades 2017.

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23 Pinellas Schools Improve Their Grades
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23 Pinellas Schools Improve Their Grades
Three Transformation Zone schools improved by two letter grades.
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