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Tampa Police Arrest Pokemon Go Player

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Police said they had to use an ECD (Taser) on the man.

TAMPA – Police said they arrested a Pokemon Go player Thursday night when he refused to leave a park after being told to do so.

David T. Mastrototaro-Baermude, 20, was charged with trespass after warning and resisting arrest, according to the Tampa Police Department.

Police say they were called to Ballast Point Park about 10:30 p.m. because of a complaint that trespassers were in the park after closing time. When officers arrived they saw about 150 people in the park playing the virtual game Pokemon Go.

Officers told everyone to leave. Everyone, except Mastrototaro-Baermude, did so, police said. Officers said they asked him to leave the park several more times and he refused to do so. Police said they tried to arrest Mastrototaro-Baermude and charge him with trespassing after warning but he grabbed an officer’s arm and pushed off.

Mastrototaro-Baermude actively continued to resist further attempts to arrest him, almost pulling one officer to the ground. Police said the officer used his ECD (Taser) and was then able to gain compliance from the defendant who was arrested without further incident.

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Tampa Police Arrest Pokemon Go Player
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Tampa Police Arrest Pokemon Go Player
Police said they had to use an ECD (Taser) on the man.
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