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Pinellas Park Police Officers Cleared in Shooting

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The state attorney says two officers were in fear of their lives during the June 25 incident.

PINELLAS PARK – Two Pinellas Park police officers have been cleared in a June 25 shooting incident when they were responding to a domestic disturbance.

The officers, Jeremy Copeland and Michael Jasiukiewicz, were in fear of their lives when they shot and killed Waldemar Bogusiewicz, the State Attorney’s Office concluded after an investigation. State Attorney Bernie McCabe delivered the news last week in a letter to the Pinellas Park Police Department:

“As a result of the investigation conducted by my office I have determined Officer Copeland and Officer Jasiukiewicz were in the lawful performance of their legal duties when fired upon by Waldemar Bogusiewicz. Waldemar Bogusiewicz’ actions constituted the forcible felony of attempted murder of a police officer. When Waldemar Bogusiewicz pointed his gun at Officer Copeland
he was in fear for his life as was Officer Jasiukiewicz.

Bernie McCabe | State Attorney | Judicial Circuit
Bernie McCabe

“Therefore it is in the conclusion of the State Attorney’s Office that the death of Waldemar Bogusiewicz was as a result of being shot by Officer Copeland and Officer Jasiukiewicz and that the shooting was justifiable.”

Both officers have returned to duty. They were on administrative leave while the state attorney investigated the shooting.

The shooting arose during a domestic dispute that happened about 8:48 p.m. June 25 when Irena K. Bogusiewicz, 58, called them to the house at 6082 96th Ter. N to report a domestic dispute. When the officers arrived, she told them that she and her husband, who was intoxicated, were arguing over who was going to buy more beer.

During the argument, Adrian Bogusiewicz came out to see what was going on between his parents. The wife left the residence because of her husband’s demeanor and called the police, leaving her son and husband alone in the home. Sometime between the time Mrs. Bogusiewicz left the house and the time the police arrived, Mr. Bogusiewicz and his son got into a confrontation that resulted in the father’s shooting the son multiple times in the son’s bedroom.

The officers returned to the home with Mrs. Bogusiewicz to investigate the domestic dispute without realizing what had taken place just before their arrival. As the officers and wife entered the home, the officers saw Adrian Bogusiewicz already shot on the floor of his bedroom just inside the house. They saw Mr. Bogusiewicz in the home with a gun in his hand. Police said he began yelling for the officers to leave and started shooting at them.They returned fire. Mr. Bogusiewicz later died at Northside Hospital.

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Pinellas Park Police Officers Cleared in Shooting
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Pinellas Park Police Officers Cleared in Shooting
The state attorney says two officers were in fear of their lives during the June 25 incident.
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