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Pasco Sheriff Charges Two Mothers in Children’s Drownings

Clayton Foskey | Pasco Sheriff | Drowning

The arrests arose from separate cases and are not connected.

PASCO COUNTY – Sheriff’s deputies have arrested two mothers and charged them with neglect in the drowning of their 2-year-old sons.

The two cases are not related, Pasco Sheriff’s deputies said.

Roxann Mary Potts, 27, of 12600 Chenwood Ave. in Hudson, was charged with child neglect in the drowning death of her son, 2-year-old Clayton Foskey. Clayton was discovered missing from his home in the Verandas on April 27. Hours later, his body was found in a pond just 150 yards from his home, deputies said.

Roxann Potts | Pasco Sheriff | Clayton Foskey
Roxann Potts

Selina Ann Warner, 26, of 9235 Yellow Lake Drive, New Port Richey, was charged with child neglect, serious injury. Deputies said her 2-year-old son got out of his crib on April 21, left the residence through an unlocked door and drowned in a pond.

Selina Warner | Pasco Sheriff | Crime
Selina Warner

Deputies offered more details about both cases.

Deputies said Potts had a history of “culpable negligence” in failing to properly supervise Clayton. Witnesses told deputies that they had seen Clayton wandering unsupervised through the neighborhood on multiple occasions during a two-week period. In at least one case, a neighbor returned Clayton to his home twice in one day. On another occasion, deputies said, it took seven to eight minutes for Potts to come downstairs to answer the door and, when she did, she was “oblivious” to the fact her son had left the house. Deputies said there were several times Clayton was found pinned under a recliner while Potts slept.

Potts’ other children were also found in the street without supervision. Potts’ other children reported to deputies that they had to take Clayton back home after finding him wandering outside without supervision. Deputies said Potts and her boyfriend both admitted there were times when Clayton left the house and was found two doors away hiding behind a pool pump or behind a home next to a lake. Despite Clayton’s history of wandering outside, deputies said Potts failed to lock the doors so he could not leave.

Warner, who has five children, also had a history of failing to supervise her 2-year-old, Pasco deputies said. Witnesses told deputies they had seen the child, whose name was not released, wandering outside unsupervised.

Deputies said Warner told them that, on April 20, she slept from about 2 p.m. to about 6 p.m. in another room across the house from where the child’s crib was located. While she was sleeping, the child got out of his crib and left the house through an unlocked door. The child, who could not swim, walked into a pond next to his home. When Warner woke, she searched for her son and found him floating in the pond. The child was taken to the hospital and died April 25 from complications of drowning, deputies said.

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Photographs of Clayton Foskey, Roxann Potts and Selina Warner courtesy of the Pasco County Sheriff.

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Pasco Sheriff Charges Two Mothers in Children's Drownings
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Pasco Sheriff Charges Two Mothers in Children's Drownings
The arrests arose from separate cases and are not connected.
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