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Hillsborough Deputies Find Cockfighting Ring

Cockfighting | Hillsborough County | Hillsborough Sheriff

Deputies found dead birds and cockfighting equipment at the Lithia address.

LITHIA – Hillsborough sheriff’s deputies received a tip Saturday (Feb. 27) about a cockfighting ring.

When they arrived at the property in Lithia about 11 a.m., a dozen or so men scattered into the woods and surrounding neighborhoods, sheriff’s spokesmen said. Deputies said they saw a cockfighting ring along with numerous dead and live caged chickens. Deputies also located spurs, weights and a score/tote board. They described the location, 10239 Lyons Ave in Lithia, as private property that could not be seen from the road.

Cockfighting | Lithia | Hillsborough


Lithia | Cockfighting | Hillsborough

No arrests were made. Deputies are working with Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center, which will take care of any remaining live chickens.

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Photographs from the scene courtesy of the Hillsborough County sheriff.

Cockfighting | Hillsborough County Sheriff | Lithia | Pet Resource Center | TB Reporter

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Hillsborough Deputies Find Cockfighting Ring
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Hillsborough Deputies Find Cockfighting Ring
Hillsborough deputies, responding to a tip, discovered a cockfighting ring in Lithia on Saturday (Feb. 27).
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TB Reporter
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