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Hernando Deputy Witnesses Road Rage, Makes Arrest

John Brymer | Hernando Sheriff | Arrests

The deputy was in an unmarked patrol vehicle, Hernando deputies said.

SPRING HILL – A Hernando deputy made an immediate arrest Friday (Dec. 7) after he witnessed an incident of road rage, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said.

John Hamilton Brymer, 33, of Spring Hill, was charged with one count of Aggravated Assault with a motor vehicle.

Deputies said that, just before noon, Sgt. Scott Lamia was leaving the Amscot parking lot on Forest Oaks Boulevard in Spring Hill in his unmarked patrol vehicle when he saw a Ford pickup truck pass by and pull into the parking lot at 7285 Forest Oaks Blvd.

During this time, the driver of the maroon Ford turned in front of a Dodge that had been traveling westbound on Forest Oaks Boulevard.

Immediately after the Ford pulled in front of the Dodge, the driver of the Dodge began beeping his horn, then stopped abruptly. The driver of the Dodge then did a U-turn in the middle of Forest Oaks Boulevard and rapidly accelerated after the Ford.

As the driver of the Dodge, later identified as Brymer, gave chase, his vehicle nearly struck the rear of the Ford. Brymer then drove over a mulch patch in the parking lot, accelerated rapidly to pass the Ford and cut off the driver. Once in front of the Ford, deputies said, Brymer stopped, blocking the path of  the Ford. Brymer then began making obscene gestures at the driver of the Ford.

Having watched the entire incident, Lamia pulled in behind Brymer’s vehicle and activated his emergency lights and siren. Brymer continued giving obscene gestures to the other driver during this time.

Lamia ordered Brymer out of his vehicle and placed him into custody.

Lamia then spoke to the driver of the Ford, who told Lamia that he was sorry he cut in front of the Dodge and that he was in fear that the driver of the Dodge was going to harm him, based on his aggressive driving.

Brymer had no explanation, other than he made a bad decision, for which he was sorry. Deputies said Brymer told Lamia that he “only wanted to talk to him (the Ford’s driver) about the infraction.”

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