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State Attorney-elect Andrew Warren Launches Listening Tour

Andrew Warren | HIllsborough State Attorney | Courts

Warren wants to discuss potential changes to the criminal justice system.

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY – State Attorney-elect Andrew Warren is embarking on a listening tour with various stakeholders in the criminal justice community to hear their thoughts and ideas as he continues his transition into office.

Building on the engagement from his recent campaign, Warren will hold scheduled meetings with law enforcement officials, members of the legal defense bar, community leaders, and third party agencies who work with the HIllsborough State Attorney’s Office to discuss necessary changes within the criminal justice system and how best to meet the challenges ahead.

“During the campaign, I laid out my vision of how to build a safer community while promoting justice and fairness for all. And I can’t do it alone,” Warren said. “We have a strong foundation for criminal justice reform—from our Sheriff and Police Chiefs to our judges to our Public Defender, defense bar, and our community leaders.  I pledge to listen and work with these stakeholders to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, because that is how we will succeed.”

Warren’s first stop on the listening tour will be with community leaders Friday (Dec. 16), during which they can freely and confidentially voice their concerns. Additional stops with other groups of stakeholders have been scheduled for January.

Since winning the Nov. 8 election, Warren said he has led a very active transition, having spent the past five weeks speaking and meeting with various elected officials, law enforcement leadership, judges, defense lawyers, and community leaders, as well as with prosecutors and administrators from the State Attorney’s Office.

“We hit the ground running immediately after the election to be ready on day one. I’ve been working with [outgoing state attorney] Mark Ober and the staff of the State Attorney’s Office for the past month, and I thank them for their help in facilitating a smooth transition,” Warren said.

“When our campaign ended, I told voters, supporters, and community leaders that I had one more request – stay involved,” Warren said. “Now we’re asking them to step forward and take an active role as we shape criminal justice in Hillsborough County. Whether you’re a professional who can make a difference in the office, a community organizer ready to effect change, or a parent willing to lend your voice, we want you involved in this process.”

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Andrew Warren | Hillsborough State Attorney | Listening Tour | TB Reporter

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State Attorney-elect Andrew Warren Launches Listening Tour
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State Attorney-elect Andrew Warren Launches Listening Tour
Warren wants to discuss potential changes to the criminal justice system.
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