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Virtual School Enrollment Underway for Pinellas Students

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Pinellas Virtual School part-time enrollment helps students fulfill a mandatory course requirement.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Pinellas Virtual School’s part-time enrollment began Feb. 9 to align with students’ ability to make course requests for the upcoming school year. Enrollment into Pinellas Virtual School is one way students in Pinellas County can meet the state’s online credit requirement. Under Florida’s Digital Learning Act, students are required to complete an online course as part of the state’s 24-credit minimum needed to graduate. The class of 2015 is the first class of students required to adhere to the state’s digital learning statute. The act is attributed with heightened interest in online learning with students.

“Families are always pleased to discover that Pinellas Virtual School is a great alternative to highly popular classroom based courses, such as Driver’s Education,” said Mandy Perry, Pinellas Virtual School administrator. “Our school is a great choice for motivated students looking for the flexibility that a 24/7 online school can provide.”

Pinellas Virtual School will offer students another opportunity to enroll full-time in April. Pinellas Virtual School students have the opportunity to work from home or on the go at their own pace. The courses, which align to district and state standards, are ideal for motivated learners looking to accelerate course credits or students who have fallen behind in credits. Pinellas Virtual School recently switched to an easy to use online platform to facilitate courses to keep students engaged. Unlike other online schools that are not affiliated with the school district, Pinellas Virtual School students are able to participate locally with fellow virtual school students in school activities such as field trips and extracurricular programs. Part-time enrollment will conclude March 27. For information, go to

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