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Pinellas Habitat for Humanity to Dedicate 400th House

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The home, to be dedicated Friday (March 24), is a milestone for the group.

CLEARWATER – Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County will celebrates its 400th home dedication and key presentation for a local, qualified family Friday (March 24).

With every new construction, Habitat Pinellas creates homeownership opportunities for families with the help of the community volunteers, corporate donors, civic organizations and county officials. The key sponsors of the 400th house, which will be providing a home for the Piantadosi family in Clearwater, were primarily community individuals and family foundations from peer-to-peer fundraising throughout Pinellas County.

“This marks a significant moment in our history, as well as another meaningful moment for a local family who will be gaining the opportunity to be homeowners,” said Mike Sutton, CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County. “The significant increase in homes built in just the last two years is because of our sponsors, partners and volunteers who make it all possible, and together with them, the 400th house equates to 720,000 volunteers’ hours, 112,000 volunteers and 1,047 total children served since 1985.”

The family who will become owners of the 400th home is headed by Amanda Piantadosi, a woman who has a passion for teaching young children and works as an assistant preschool director and lead VPK teacher. Piantadosi will share the home with her mother, niece and niece’s daughter.

An unprecedented 67 percent growth for the organization in the previous fiscal year is expected to continue with the 400th home and 54 new home builds planned for 2017. Among recipient families of the new homes, about 20 additional families will benefit through Habitat Pinellas’s Neighborhood Preservation Program. This program is operated by Habitat Pinellas and offers home repair services for homeowners who live in the 22nd Street S corridor in St. Petersburg. The program is modeled after other successful neighborhood preservation partnerships and is intended to complement other initiatives that are currently strengthening economic and resource development in the midtown area.

While helping to make the American Dream come true by creating homeownership opportunities for families, Habitat Pinellas continues to contribute to improvements in the local Pinellas economy.

“Funds that generate construction and trade jobs help low-income families find a home of their own, revitalize neighborhoods, produce tax revenue for the local government and help build safe and secure neighborhoods — making up a truly meaningful investment in Pinellas County’s future,” Sutton said.

Each home built by Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County contributes to local employment in skilled trades. The short-term positive economic impact also includes the stabilization of Pinellas County neighborhoods through the building or rehabilitation of homes. Long-term benefits are even greater. In just the last year, Habitat Pinellas homeowners paid $398,744.35 in city, county, school board and other property taxes. By transitioning to homeowner status, many of these families raise their standard of living and no longer need assistance or other costly services from local or state agencies.

Formed in 1985, Habitat Pinellas has established a tradition of continued growth, evident in the build pace that began with the first 100 homes taking 18 years to build, seven years to reach the 200th home in 2010, four years to complete 300 homes in 2014 and just two years to reach the current 400-home milestone.

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Pinellas Habitat for Humanity to Dedicate 400th House
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Pinellas Habitat for Humanity to Dedicate 400th House
The home, to be dedicated Friday (March 24), is a milestone for the group.
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