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Wesley Chapel Music Distributor Expands into Spain

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Symphonic Distribution acquires Houseplanet, a Spanish music distribution company.

WESLEY CHAPEL – Symphonic Distribution, one of the leading digital music distributors in the world, has acquired bought Houseplanet, a Spanish distribution company.

Houseplanet Distribution, located in Madrid, Spain, focuses on the distribution of house music and will give Symphonic a footprint in not only the House genre, but also in the European music market.

The individuals at the helm of Houseplanet will be joining Symphonic Distribution’s sales and support team, thus making Symphonic an intercontinental brand. This transition will extend Symphonic’s support time by six hours a day in order to maximize customer support to help serve clients around the globe.

“We’re very excited to bring on board the clients of Houseplanet Distribution into Symphonic,” said Joel Brea, the Symphonic president and CEO. “The music produced by the record labels and artists distributed represents some of the best that underground house, techno, and minimal has to offer and now, every client will have even more opportunities to succeed with a larger team to provide enhanced customer support, efficient systems, wider reach of partners that will feature their content, and much more.

“I am further thrilled that with this acquisition, we are adding the team of Houseplanet further expanding the reach of Symphonic as a brand in the European region and in the country of Spain.”

Houseplanet founder Antonio Dominguez said, “I and the rest of the team are very happy to join Symphonic. All Houseplanet clients will now have a great home that will provide them many more features than ever before. We look forward to working with the Symphonic team to expand its footprint in the European region.”

Wesley Chapel-based Symphonic Distribution provides record labels and artists effective and affordable customer support and the delivery solutions and tools to spread their music worldwide. Brea, a music producer, launched the company in 2006. Since then the company has become one of the leading U.S. distributors for thousands of independent artists around the globe. The company focuses on the delivery of music to stores such as iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and emerging platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and other major download and streaming sites. The company has also expanded its offering to include Publishing Administration, Sync Licensing YouTube and Soundcloud Monetization, key revenue-generating services needed in today’s thriving music industry.

Symphonic’s team provides quick responses and direct one-on-one conversations and advising of clients, from the basics of managing a social network to mastering and brand development to fine-tuning a marketing plan. Symphonic Distribution is committed to educating and giving their clients the tools they need as independent artists to take control of their careers and thrive.

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Wesley Chapel Music Distributor Expands into Spain
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Wesley Chapel Music Distributor Expands into Spain
Symphonic Distribution acquires Houseplanet, a Spanish music distribution company.
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